From The Owners

We, as the founders of the company, dreamed at the beginning of our path, of today’s achievements. We have advanced with a lot of motivation and a belief that our actions will lead to development and growth. Consequently, it happened

From its foundation in 1965 to the present days, the group has developed and grown on an impressive scale that honors large companies in the international construction industry. Along the way, our managers march energetically, advance the group, stimulate business intelligence and cultivate the most important values for the group – professionalism, qשלום ומרדכי חסוןuality, fairness, service and safety. And so, step by step, stone to stone we gained financial strength.

Years of practice provided us with wisdom, management abilities that have been developed and refined, integrated professional skills, together with stability and flexibility.



Every employee is part of the family


We cherish our professional and loyal staff that has been with us for decades. We encourage our employees to embark on a promotion track within Hasson. We are proud to employ qualified, knowledgeable, experienced professionals each in his/her fields – ceramic personnel, infrastructure, plumbing professionals and top notch in the industry. At the same time, we invest in the training and development of the staff’s professionalism, and therefore we are the best source for guidance and advice as we have all the necessary knowledge


We inspire communal atmosphere that includes consolidation activities throughout the year and company evenings. Hasson workers build and maintain strong relationships even outside work. This bond lasts for years and it is undeniable testimony to the importance of our shared goals.